Kendall Jenner Pokies While Out And About In New York


These tits keep coming at me… Only the previous post is about gorgeous girls walking braless with hard nipples visible, and today we see Kendall Jenner fulfilling my wish. You know I’m talking true, I mean look at her and look at the girl behind, which one makes you happy on a simple walk? Go without bras ladies and bring happiness to the world!

Kendall was out and about in New York braless with her cute pokies staring at the passers by. Oh, wait, the passers by were staring at her like I am now! The 20 year old wore a minuscule top that showed her midriff, and with such a tiny waist it’s no wonder. Her 70’s inspired outfit also featured some striped pants with the zipper on the middle, so Kendall dear, pay attention to your pussy, we wouldn’t want you to zip it… We would actually love a pussy slip, not zip ;)

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