Mr. Skin And NakedNews 4th Of July Super Offer!

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Welcome, Independence Day! It brings all these goodies! It is always fun to have holidays around because you can always get some free stuff! As an example, on this 4th of July, for just $149 you will get a LIFETIME membership on NakedNews! It is, without a doubt, the deal of your life!

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And that’s not all – Mr. Skin has another surprise for you! You can register a free membership that will allow you to browse and to see your favorite celebs 24h per day, 7 days in total, with no charge! Yes, a free membership for 7 days. Like a trial account. Isn’t this cute? Do you see how many exclamation marks I have used above? Well, it was on purpose, because I am as excited as you are. Imagine a lifetime of NakedNews with one single payment. And that payment is low as fuck, a few packs of cigarettes. And the cherry on top of the cake is not a stripper in this case, but a 7 days free trial registration on the flagship – Mr. Skin. Get your beers, your steaks for the barbecue and whatever else you want on 4th of July, but don’t you dare to forget what I’ve just told you!

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