Alessandra Ambrosio Blue Bikini At The Beach In Canasvieiras, Brazil

Brazil has always fascinated me and a great deal it has to do with its supermodels. In fact, Brasileiras are know to be hot blooded women that fill the beaches and the samba clubs. And Alessandra Ambrosio is no exception strutting hot and sexy on the beach in Canasvieiras, Brazil. Her good looking ass comes to us in a turquoise, thong bikini. The color compliments her tanned skin as she enjoys the last days of holiday.

She had quite a long and enjoyable holiday, but that’s something you can expect from one of the best paid models – In the world! Did I mention she is soon 36? Or that she has 2 kids? Alas, she does what needs to be done to keep her body in great shape since she gained world renown for her look. And that’s another thing to admire her for, she is committed to her work and proves to be a great business woman as well. Tonight though, I will be looking closer at her tits and ass rather than anything else…

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