Anais Zanotti Wearing A Thong Bikini Poolside In Miami


Do you remember that song: “I love big butts and I cannot lie!”? Well I do! And Anais Zanotti has a big booty showing in the thong bikini she wore by the poolside in Miami. Can you believe this model is 30 years old?! Her European ancestry might have something to do with her exceptionally good genes.

She appeared on the cover of 35 magazines and in a few ones as well, you know, in the middle where the goodies are… Her ass cheeks are so plump and peach-like! I actually imagine a big peach, soft and squishy when I think about how her ass would feel… And when you look up bit by bit you can see she has toned abs and a full chest. Her breasts barely fit the white bra. All in all she is as close to perfection as you can come! Just perfect to pour a peach champagne all over her and start sipping from everywhere you can…

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