Annalynne McCord Deep Cleavage At Rachel McCord’s Birthday Party In LA


It took me a while to look from the neck down because Annalynne McCord has a very intense look in her eyes that transported me to another world. Add the perfect lips and a feminine hair do and you are all set for a sophisticated journey that still ends with her being naked! So finally when I stared some more, I just loved her deep cleavage – it is so deep divers lost their oxygen trying to go to the bottom. Even some of you might experience short, rapid breaths…brace yourselves! It’s a smooth drop between her tits, with soft skin and shy boobies. We still get to see a side boob and the tan lines on her breasts, so the jumpsuit she chose did it’s job! That is in spite of the pants part that show nothing unfortunately.

I know it was a week ago when she wore this revealing outfit on her way to Rachel McCord’s birthday party in Los Angeles, but with all the Halloween craze we focused on the costumes and kept her in mind. Let me just state the obvious, she was well worth the wait because she can really smile to the camera in a way that makes me uneasy even behind the screen…

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