Bambi Northwood-Blyth Exposing Her Breasts During A Photo Shoot

Every time we go to the beach, we find fun stuff! In fact, some of these girls go there just to have fun… Well it is not the case for Bambi Northwood-Blyth because she was working on the beach – meaning she had a photo shoot. This doesn’t mean it is not fun for us. In fact I am delighted with her boobs! I am in love with her breasts, with her face, with her unaware figure! Ahh! The Australian model, who returned home for the holidays, was spotted in Sydney at a photo shoot, changing clothes. I don’t think this qualifies as a wardrobe malfunction, there was no changing room so she „had to” expose her breasts. And they look magnificent!

For the record, I want to thank both the designer of the clothes she showcased – because he or she made sure some tits would pop taking ’em on. And next, to the director of the photo shoot, he could have improvised a changing room from a sheet or something, but he let the model manage in open air. Now that the thanks ar done with, do enjoy the hot gallery below!

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