Bella Hadid See Through Dress At Dior Ball In Paris

What did I just tell you?! Only a couple of days before we had our belle Bella Hadid showing nipples everywhere. I guessed then it was as a coping mechanism after her break-up, we all know how love hurts when you’re 20. I seem to be right, we have tits and nipples, boobs and nips and a stern face today as well. She wore a see thru dress at Dior Ball in Paris, I mean see through, we can read the brand of her undies. We could even read the small imprint “Made in a third world country” if we wanted, that transparent her dress was!

Good thing it had jewels sewn on otherwise we would be staring only at her nipples… Oh, wait a minute, but we do stare at her boobies! And not a single person could blame us for it. I have to give her credit for the great combo, the bare chest and the choker necklace, with an impenetrable face, she totally kicked ass! And by the end of the party she even smiled and laughed, take that, silly ex! ;)

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