Charlie Riina Super Sexy In A 138 Water Photo Shoot

Just FUCK! That’s how hot Charlie Riina is in this photo shoot for 138 Water! F*ck one more time! This is what you get when you combine the talented people at 138 Water with a very talented Playboy Playmate, on the beach in Malibu. I don’t want to talk about her hard nips – of course her nips are hard, even mine are! Or about her pokies in the black swim bra she chose. Or about that tiny, leopard print bikini… I just want to stare and you know, the F word from above!

I mean she is so hot and she knows it because she didn’t go to a lot of trouble to change several outfits. She stuck to the tiny one to show her hour glass figure. Big boobs about to explode, round and full ass cheeks and a tanned, smooth skin. Perfect! Just look at her kneeling, now that is a great position…uhm, sorry, pose?! Oh what the F, I’m not sorry, she looks good in every sex position and move you could put her… Enjoy, fap, repeat!

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