Charlotte McKinney Wearing A Bikini In Hawaii


Big tits. Big melons. And more! Charlotte McKinney on the beach, in Hawaii, wearing a casual swimsuit and a casual bikini. I am not sure if she has the hottest body when it comes to thongs, but I can definitely say that she has a great rack, when it comes to breasts.

Let me tell you that Charlotte has natural tits. Well, at least this is what she is saying. If you want my expert opinion, I believe that she is right. It looks as natural as it can get. Try to imagine how it would be to get them in your hands! We like them big, no secret about that! And we prefer natural, when God is generous. If not, implants are good, as long as they are big. So ladies, take your iPhones and start doing pictures. Send them to me! I’ll judge who’s hot and who’s not!

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