Chloe Goodman Wearing A Bikini At A Pool


I LIKE THAT ASS! I like women that have a body where you can feel something if you put your hands on … This new trend of skinny models doesn’t tickle me and I prefer to see babes like Chloe Goodman. She looks so fine in this swimsuit and those bikini are perfect for her sexy shape.

I remember when Big Brother was on air in my country. Those were the good days, since everybody was waiting to see a nipple, a thong, anything … You can think that she was at the pool on a quiet afternoon, having a little fun. But no, we can clearly see that we have a photo shoot here with people standing by to enjoy these views of Chloe. Have I told you that I fuckin’ like that ass? Imagine her in doggystyle … Still, a bigger pair of tits would have been better, don’t you think?

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