Emmanuelle Chriqui Cleavage At Environmental Media Association Awards


Boobs, tits and eye candies – different names for my favourite things in the world! And right here is Emmanuelle Chriqui showing a deep and interesting cleavage at Environmental Media Association Awards in Los Angeles. Look at those boobs! They feel like bursting, perfect for putting your face between those melons! Another interesting fact is that she is almost 40 years old! I mean my God, she is so gorgeous I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw her age.

She rocks a bad girl look with her wet hairdo and black nails…and of course her deep deep cleavage! Emmanuelle is Canadian with Morrocan and Jewish ancestry, she is an incredible blend of features that make her a hot piece of ass! I’m happy she joined our gallery, let’s just hope she keeps coming as long as her body keeps rocking! Just keep looking and maybe you will have your own reward… go get it boyz!

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