Hilary Duff Wearing A Bikini On A Beach In Mexico


What can I say, we’ve started a beach series and we couldn’t leave behind Hilary Duff, who was on a romantic vacation in Mexico. The whole reason we’re looking at beaches – you know what I mean – is because there are also bikinis involved, at least… And Hilary wore a pretty colorful one, that looked rather tiny on her plump body! She has as always a nice ass and even nicer boobs!

Ah, boobies! If you check the first pic you can see her tits from a side and appreciate how those melons would feel in your hand… Good feeling, isn’t it?! Well just so you know, this darling approaches 30 years, has a kid and it seems like only a few days ago she played school girl Disney characters on screen. Luckily, she grew up, grew her tits, toned her body and today she is showing it off! ‘Duff said, check out the gallery and tell me what you think of this former child star!

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