Janet Montgomery Braless In A See Through Dress In Hollywood


I used to date Janet! Meh, I’m kidding. I like bigger breasts. Now, take a look at this see-through outfit. While that ass can be called hot, I am not sure what to say about the tits – but everyone with his taste. On the other hand, I like the red lipstick. Imagine what she can do with it and how she can mark you. You’ll be seen from space…

Hollywood is a place of sins, let’s face it. In Vegas you have gambling, sex an booze, while in Hollywood you will get all the above, the showbiz and the other. This means that anything is possible and that everything is allowed. If you want to walk naked one day, on the red carpet, wearing nothing but a leaf, you will be able to do so. Media will call it fashion. Enjoy Janet Montgomery and decide if she’s wow! or not.


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