Jennifer Metcalfe See Through Bikini Top In Ibiza


When you are a hot star, your summer holiday doesn’t end all year round. While the ass of some of you might be freezing, try to look at the bright side, there are always fresh bodies on display. Today we have Jennifer Metcalfe on the beach in Ibiza in a lovely see through swim bra and a leopard print bikini. I’m enjoying her nips like the next guy but her whole body is amazing, it’s no surprise she won Rear of the Year Award and is nominated for the British Soap Award for the Sexiest Female.

She maintains an hour glass figure despite being thirty something, and that says a lot! Mainly that her beauty doesn’t fade with time and that she works out! It would be nice is she could show us some moves, the dirtier ones just to show off her flexibility… what do you think guys, don’t be shy and let us know what you want to see! Meanwhile we wish her all the luck to win the Sexy awards and keep her coming to our gallery!

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