Jessica Chastain Great Cleavage Leaving Catch In Los Angeles


It’s an appropriate name for a place that attracts all sorts of celebrities, the Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles. I had to mention it because beside the Halloween and beach galleries, recently, this joint brought us more hotties in our gallery than any other place or stage. This time, darling Jessica Chastain was seen leaving it in a black dress, looking as beautiful as ever! She has incredibly luscious features with pale skin and ginger hair that make her a favorite of mine and a lot of other people, but on this appearance you can call her chestain!

She had a deep cleavage that makes us focus on her chest mainly, despite that big smile. With such a pretty face, good looking boobs are a bonus not to dismiss. It’s like someone asked you how you want your girl and you could have everything included: the face, the boobs, the body, a feminine touch and hotness that burns your groins… Enough praising, check out the pics and that chest and get back to me…

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