Joanna Krupa Topless Body Paint Costume At A Halloween Party In Los Angeles


It will be a hard time choosing a favorite Halloween costume with all the celebrities having an excuse to wear slightly different outfits on this day. I said only slightly because they almost always go above and beyond with their outfits so this is only a thematic change for them. Just take Joanna Krupa we can see here. Is she hot on a regular basis? She is smoking hot! Does she wear revealing outfits? She wouldn’t be in our gallery otherwise.

So this time it’s a change that she went as a lovely pink butterfly, with a tutu skirt and body paint on top. And yes, that means she is topples… so guys, squint your eyes and you might see a nipple or two. She was on her way to a party in Los Angeles when the pics were taken and I bet she turned a few heads even there! Leaving aside her cute costume, I still can’t get over the fact that she had only body paint and her boobs were so round and perfect! You can check out her side poses and her tits are still perky! How does she do that?! Further investigation is needed…

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