Karrueche Tran Booty In Bikini On The Beach In Miami


Sweet petite! Let’s get down to business! In a pale pink bikini is Karrueche Tran on the beach in Miami. I have a hard time calling the name of this girl with Vietnamese and Jamaican roots, and it’s a hard time in my crotch area. The model makes me go through the work day ever so happy and horny! With that cute face of hers, and her round booty she keeps grabbing… It’s like she knows where I would keep my hands as well… On that ass! And is it my imagination only or in the first pic there is a shy cameltoe emerging from the water?! Please look at it and confirm before something pops over here!

And not to call Chris Brown names, but isn’t he crazy? First of all, he had that nasty thing with Rihanna, afterwards he broke Karrueche’s heart. Both girls are looking hot and are also very talented. Ok, RiRi is in another league business wise but Chris is one picky …fella, to say the least! You can see what I’m talking about by checking Rihanna out also since only yesterday she visited our gallery.

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