Kate Upton In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017

And finishing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 – for this week only – is Kate Upton. Now this is a grand finale! I mean this girl is an actress aged 24, known mostly for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2011. How about that acting career?! You can see clearly why she can easily act less and spread more… She is extremely hot in all the outfits – and she wore more than the other girls – but, I have to say, those white knitted strings though… Those knits are enough to knock your pants off! They go round her boobs, and her boobs are big, and cover her clit and half her lips…

Now I definitely wanna see some ladies going to the beach like that… And of course it is not only about the swimsuits, so tiny and delicate, but it’s about her sexy feels, the way she looks at the camera, the indecent poses with such an innocent face. The thong bikinis she wears are just the cherry on top of a booty-licious ass! And don’t even get me started on her pics where she lays on her belly, with nipples barely in the water and her dress pulled over her ass, exposing a beautiful round tush… What is she trying to do to us?!

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