Katharine McPhee Wearing A Bikini By The Pool In Miami


The paparazzi got a few shots of Katharine McPhee by the pool in Miami and you can tell it wasn’t staged… I admit, that’s not the world’s sexiest bikini, but still – look at those tits! They can fill up any corsage and still have some left. She was an American Idol and won the hearts of many, I reckon her cleavage helped a lot… I always vote tits up!

Even though she didn’t wear a thong bikini we can see her ass cheeks and they are just fine – I mean not everyone has a Kardashian ass, but that’s OK, we love diversity! In the last pic she seems a bit intrigued, so let’s hope she learned something from this encounter with the camera and next time will show us something more, an “accidental” slip, anything. You’ve won our hearts but you know you can do better, make us drop our knickers, Ms McPhee! Til next time…

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