Kendall Jenner See Through To Nipples At The Villa Restaurant


Omfg!  I am not a big fan of small tits, but this girl is damn hot. I don’t know if I should blame the see through dress, the shape of her breasts or whatever the fuck, but she looks so fineee … The star of E! is one of a kind and I would date her ass a few times, just to see that body naked.

I don’t understand why she walks so focused or who’s in her mind! For sure she is not thinking of me, since we have never met. But who knows, one day can be my lucky day. Oh, look at that pierced nipple! Girls, I love you all! I like the fact that you have the guts to walk like this on the streets. Men will be at your feet! Long live women! Long live Kendall Jenner and her exquisite pair of tits inside this sexy dress.

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