Khloe Kardashian Hard Nipples At A Baby Shower In Beverly Hills


Ah, Khloe, we meet again! It wasn’t soon enough for Khloe Kardashian to return to our gallery, don’t you think? I am a boobs fanatic but a big ass is always welcomed! And, oh boy, does she deliver! It’s only fitting that while arriving at a baby shower in Beverly Hills her pokies were on. For us, babies, to suck on… I mean on! Hard nipples, no bra, and fitted dress on! It’s like playing a game with cheats that make you enjoy it even more, or some secret cow level…

But this is serious booty level! If you look at her waist line going around her ass you can clearly see it’s outrageous! Her tiny waist seems unreal compared to her cheeks… But what I like about Khloe is that she doesn’t want all the attention to go down so she makes sure her tits are on display as well, shape or nipples, pick your choice! You can also see what I mean about putting everything on display in other galleries, after you’ve finished with this one…

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