Kim Kardashian Braless In A See Through-ish Top In NYC


I am always happy to write about Kim Kardashian. Very very happy! I have a thing for this woman and I guess that I am just one in a million. How can you not like her? Look at that body! And take a look at that pair of breasts she has. And sure, maybe it is not about the shapes, but more about the way she’s exposing them.

Kim was out and about in NYC. Her outfit was see through-wish, displaying a deep cleavage, braless! Let me say that again: BRALESS! She knows that she has a lot of eyes watching her, all around! All these babes know, I told you before! But, it’s an active and important part of being a celebrity. When you will be one, you’ll understand! Now DON’T tell me that you DON’T want to be famous! Everybody wants to be somebody! Enjoy this hot gallery! [Kim exposed here]

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