Kimberley Garner Wearing A Golden Bikini In St. Tropez


Look, it’s the golden fish! We can now ask 3 wishes … Hmm, let me think! My first wish would be this – “Golden fish, please lose the bikini” … And you can imagine my next two! Kimberley Garner, ladies and gentlemen, in a golden swimsuit on a beach in St. Tropez.

Pokies: checked! Cameltoe: checked! Round and pretty big ass in bikini: checked. And damn, how that thong looks on her ass! I think I’m in love … But who can resist, when it comes to Kimberley? For fuck sake, she is one of the most beautiful women on this blog, so it’s absolutely normal to be so excited when she’s around on a page where I write an article. If you don’t know any details about this babe, let me give you some infos: she’s an English swimwear designer, television personality and actress, best known for her role in “Made in Chelsea”.

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