Kourtney Kardashian Wearing A Thong Swimsuit In Miami


I told you only yesterday about Kardashian sweet ass and look what we’ve got here: Kourtney Kardashian in a thong swimsuit on the beach in Miami… My God that’s one nice piece of ass! And the peach color of her swimsuit only brings out her tanned smooth skin. If you look closely, her ass has different shades of tan – so it’s good for her as well that she wears a thong from time to time, not only for our eyes and perv minds. Yeah, I’m talking about you pervs, I figure your imagination runs wild with hot Kourtney in your fantasies. My favorite though, is her sister, the one and only Kim – and she’s been in our gallery for a while and most recently only a week ago. So you can have your pick and leave a comment with your favorite Kardashian.

Getting back to Kourtney over here, just look at the way she leans and bends. I grant you, there is no camel toe but a fat squeezed pussy is still visible, the third benefit of wearing a thong bikini, yes siree! Let the fapping begin!

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