Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian Braless In Transparent Dress

When I usually travel I tend to pack the wrong clothes for everything and end up carrying half my wardrobe just to make sure. But that’s only me. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian don’t seem to have such a problem. They have perfectly good looking tits so why should they pack a bra?! Atta girls! This is how I like ’em – braless and in transparent clothes. Hell, they probably had only cabin luggage since their dresses are on the small size. Kim’s is actually having a hard time covering her ass, the famous big one. We also have a hard time in our lower area…

And then Kylie decided to go in a feathery jumpsuit with a generous cleavage to show her pumped up chest. Did I mention their clothes are rather see thru? You can check out Kim’s nips as clear as day light. That’s even in the dark, at night – because here, they were heading for dinner while on vacation in Costa Rica. I wonder what else happened on that vacation?!…

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