Lea Michele Pokies In A Swimsuit At A Beach In Hawaii

Getting a tan is all fun but skin burn isn’t! Today’s showcase is Lea Michele, a hottie we want to see more often. She is seen having fun at the beach in Hawaii and that is all good. But since we are, well, focused on her body parts more than on her career, we were able to spot some red skin along the lines of her swimsuit. That is, I was looking intently for a cameltoe and unfortunately all I noticed was her tan lines…

But the black swimsuit she wore delivered after all some hard nipples and the perfect shape of her ass. The pokies are visible in most pictures, the water must have been cold to turn her buttons on. I also appreciate that this was a casual outing, no fancy swimsuits, no jewelry, just a pair of aviator shades and her big smile that made the people love her in the first place!

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