Lizzie Cundy Nipple Slip Leaving PINK London Party


Daaaamn! She slipped it, bro! I mean, come the BEEP on! Wanna tell me that this was an accident? It is an accident when you have ugly tits, saggy, whatever the hell, but when you have such beautiful breasts, you want the whole word to see them! So don’t sell me shit, cause I cannot believe it. This is not an ordinary nipple slip from Lizzie Cundy, but an on-purpose thing.

She’s braless, dude, at a party In London done by PINK Ribbon Foundation – the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness! WTF, Lizzie? You want people to see how healthy your boobs are? In the end, who cares? We’ve seen the nip, we’ve seen the “WOW!” on her face, we are satisfied! Real men want to see titties everywhere and these celebrities know that! They should also know that real women swallow! Heh, just kidding … (Or not?).

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