Mara Teigen Braless In See Through Dress At Catch Restaurant In Los Angeles


Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles must be really something to bring so many celebrities together, and almost all are braless. Just yesterday we had Pamela Anderson there and today we see Mara Teigen braless at the same spot! Isn’t that something?! And these girls have really big, gorgeous boobs… Another bonus is Mara’s see thru top that lets you check out her nips as well! She wore all black – leather boots and skirt and the see through top to the nipples mentioned above.

If you don’t know her by her round boobs, you might recognize her permanent pout from Instagram… That’s by a longer shot though since she started her „career” only three years ago. :D The 22 year old model has been said that looks very much like Angelina Jolie but I will let you compare and check Angie in our gallery here and have your say. Nonetheless both are smoking hot, while Jolie has experience under her belt, Mara has youth and willingness… Let me just say I’ll keep an eye on both girls, hope you do the same!

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