Marnie Simpson Pantyless At National Television Awards In London

Do you see the importance of a first time? Of a brave one to challenge the status quo? It was Chrissy Teigen over here that started a trend of flashing her pussy on the red carpet. I mean, call it wardrobe malfunction if you will, but that won’t change the fact that she got dressed like that. Or better said, she got undressed like that.

And following in her footsteps is Marnie Simpson who also took off her panties and went commando on a chilly night to celebrate the National Television Awards in London. She wore a lace, see through “dress” with little cover over her boobies and, of course, pantyless! Her boobs stayed up despite the no bra attire, only with some sort of pasties on them. But the real beauty of the see thru dress is the revealing of Marnie’s modesty below… She paired it with a smug face, full (duck) lips and a stern boyfriend. I guess he wasn’t keen on his girlfriend receiving such attention? Who knows, and better yet, who cares?! We got lace lady parts on our screens and a perfect way to finish… up the week! ;)

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