Millie Mackintosh See Through To Nipple In London

Who knew the new dress code for eating out is one tit out? Girls, follow Millie’s example and let me see you with your tits on the table! Put ’em out! ;)

Meanwhile Millie Mackintosh arrived at Bo Lang Restaurant in London in a golden outfit with a see thru lace top and satin pants. She casually exposes her boob and nipple, like it’s nothing much! Well the internet likes it very much! And she gave us a lot of reasons, if we quickly scan her from top to bottom. She has a sexy face, fit for a sex tape if you ask me. We then get to her breasts, one of which warmly says “Hello!” with a lovely poking nipple. The lace gives way and exposes her midriff, and from the tiny waist, the shape of a round ass is obvious because of the satin pants that fit her perfectly! Also perfect for that sex tape I was wishing for are her high heels that prolong her already long legs! In a few words, Millie is smoking hot and gives us high fever!

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