Myleene Klass Wearing A Bikini On The Beach In Dubai


For celebrities, holidays come year round and that’s making me a little jealous but luckily, they wear bikinis and I forget my ass is freezing because they make my heart burn with desire. Hmm, that sounds a little cheesy but just look at Myleene Klass in this red bikini and tell me your heart isn’t pumping more blood than usual… For the few people that don’t know her that well, she rose to fame partly in the band Hear’Say, but mostly in the show „I’m a celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” where she kept taking cold showers in a tiny white bikini.

Now, she is 38 years old and she looks spectacular on the beach in Dubai in the red swimsuit, but imagine how she looked ten years ago… Add to that the fact that she took those cold showers because she was horny and she really lacked sex, so it makes you think of what this cougar is capable of… For me, tearing the sheets apart and hitting me in the face with her natural boobies…

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