Nell Hudson Sideboob At ITV’s “Victoria” World Premiere In London


Cute face, great hair, great ass and a sideboob! Nell Hudson gave us everything on ITV’s “Victoria” premiere. She’s an English actress and Victoria is a TV series. Whatever, it’s not important. We need to concentrate our attention on the things I’ve stated in the beginning of this article. Oh, have I told you that she’s cute? I mean, for fuck sake, look at that bunny face! So sweet and so doable! And when she smiles, the sun comes out on the rainy sky …

Well, the sideboob is no mistake and no slip. The dress is built this way and she wanted everyone to see how beautiful her body is. Of course, she didn’t show too much, in order for us to use our imagination. I don’t know about you, but I’ve used mine a lot after I saw this gallery. Go ahead, fap the hell out of Nell Hudson!

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