Nicole Scherzinger Hot Ass In Red Bikini On A Yacht


For sure Nicole Scherzinger is one of the hottest brunettes ever seen on this planet! And probably in the whole universe … She is beautiful, she is hot and her body is yelling sex. And she has class! I mean, she can wear anything and she will still look amazing. While her singing career is not what it used to be in the past, her design is the same.

See the photo where she has the swimsuit on, standing above that table with the cocktail glasses in front of her. Look at that breasts, how kinky they look. And let’s not forget her backyard in bikini. This babe is one of a kind and her place is indeed on a yacht in Mykonos, Greece, enjoying a damn glass of Mai Tai. If you ask me, she should start a career in modelling, because the success will be the same. Our regards, Nicole!

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