Nicole Scherzinger Huge Cleavage In London


Fellow Londoners, is it cold in London now? It must be freezing if hottie Nicole Scherzinger was cold… She is usually burning hot and today we are so just by looking at that deep cleavage! She got the chills so she took a jacket over her shoulders, but it makes me wonder, is her dress as revealing in the back as is it’s front? She was close to an upskirt, but she held her hands strategic while getting out of her car as she got back to her hotel in London.

Her face tells you she is trouble, the paparazzi better not mess up with her. Nicole was at the X-Factor and she was happy there, but back at the hotel she put on one of the biggest pouts I’ve seen lately! It’s almost as big as her boobs and her boobs are huuuge! Especially in this really tight leather mini that presses her breast. I’d press ’em too!

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