Olivia Munn Deep Cleavage In New York

We feature today the perfect girl for a controversy, Olivia Munn! And not because of her affairs, but due to that deep cleavage that she flaunted while out and about in New York.  I mean who dresses like that for a walk?! Unless you want to stir up the folks around you… She picked what looks like a yellow, satin dress and a cleavage as wide as Siberia. I feel chilly only by looking at that bare chest! Trust me, that jacket does not keep her warm. I’m offering for that position, the official warmer of Olivia Munn and her goodies pack!

She has deep red lipstick on, a hair-do on a side and a dangerous vibe about her. It feels like she is luring us with her milky-white breasts only to hurt us and toy with us! If I can’t be her warmer, at least I want to be a toy in her hands, let her play with me… The modern Medusa with boobies instead of snakes!

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