Pamela Anderson Deep Cleavage At Catch Restaurant In Los Angeles


Man, so many generations of young boys grew up fapping to Pamela Anderson that she needs no introduction! Another reason might be the fact that her boobs lead the way! She is the kind of gal that has her titties enter a bar and after a while the rest of her body arrives! Just look at that dress, LOOK AT IT! or so it screams with that deep cleavage strangling Pamela’s big boobs. They are squeezed so tight her areolas are trying to escape…to the internet and our screens. ;)

The nearly 50 year old was at Catch restaurant in Los Angeles blocking the way of staring witnesses with her signature features on display. A broad smile completed her blonde, big breasted look and she even took the time to pose for some pics. Now that is very nice of the Baywatch star… If you don’t know the movie – what am I talking about?! You surely know it but if you want to see more of her you can always check our galleries because we love having her over, boobies and all!

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