Poppy Delevingne Slight See Through To Nips At LOVE Magazine X-Mas Party In London

It’s that time of the year again! You might think it’s about the obvious X-mas around the corner, but I’m actually talking about that time of the year when hot celebrities finally do have a reason for their parties and goodies slips… And look how festive Poppy Delevingne got for LOVE Magazine’s Christmas Party in London! She put on a black, slight see thru dress, while at the same time going braless! There is no other way to go when your gift to the world is a pair of spectacular boobies!

The blonde is a legitimate model in her 30’s, but younger generations might know her little sister better. Yes, the name is a hint, I’m talking about Cara Delevingne who you can also check in our gallery! But don’t dismiss Poppy too soon – the extra years, I always believe, add invaluable experience  And when you talk about a model, having that besides incredible good looks, means you have a great package! Check Poppy in her celebratory outfit and think about it…

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