Rachael Gouvignon Wearing A Bikini On A Beach In Perth



Ahhh, the beach! It brings out the smallest from the clothes department! And bringing sunshine to our day is Rachael Gouvignon in a red bikini on the beach, in Perth, Australia. She was on The Bachelor Australia and had her heart broken, but I guess even among you there are some willing to comfort her! The whole package is included, big breasts, small waist, toned ass and a need to blow off the steam!

With that body of hers she also broke some hearts as she went for her morning run and workout! You can’t be 31, hot, toned, with the best shape in town without a little workout now, can you!? She jumped in the waves, making sure her bra stays in place all the times. We wouldn’t have minded if she let one boob slip, but it’s good this way also, her tits were perky enough! And let’s not forget her cheeky posterior she covered with a low waist bikini…it feels like it’s almost going down!

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