Rebecca Dayan See Through To Nipples At An Event In Los Angeles


I must confess, I had to look up some info about Rebecca Dayan, since she is not one of our usual guests – but that can be remedied… She is an actress of French origins that also modeled for a few years before moving to New York. You can really understand why she had a career in modelling only by her looks in this gallery. She is here at Just One Eye Celebrates: The Venyx ‘Elementa’ Collection by Eugenie Niarchos in Los Angeles.

Before we move on, let me just state that the name of the event is so long, I hardly get why anyone would promote it like a full sentence!? That being said, I love the see through blouse she wears, it feels like an excuse of a blouse. And of course there is no bra in sight so we can really see thru to her boobies, nipples, everything! What a joyous view, downright pornographic with her innocent face and perky tits… Oui, moniseur!

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