Rey Robiin Wet T-Shirt On A Photo Shoot For 138 Water


Holly molly! Guyz, meet model Rey Robiin! Cool body, cool name – she could be both in Star Wars and any Batman movie as a sexy side kick, very sexy indeed! She is new to the business according to the internet but I think she is a winner already! Her debut in the photo shoot organised by 138 Water in Los Angeles is divine!

She is in a wet T-shirt – no bra of course – see through to nipples! Her nips look like they have a will of their own, all perky and pointy! And also should I mention the lean long legs going up to a pair of black, string bikini?! Now that’s how you enter the stage! I want to thank the people at 138 Water even more for bringing this beauty to our attention, it’s always a good time to introduce rookies to the world! Let’s only hope Rey will begin a very successful career judging from the nipples she is boasting. Enough talk, now please admire!

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