Rita Ora Pasties At Tezenis Oxford Circus

Ah, the lingerie wear! After being naked, this is the second best things for the ladies to wear…at least in my opinion! But I don’t think I am the only one since all the Victoria’s Secret Angels are extremely hot and popular models. This time, the Italian lingerie company Tezenis launched a new line featuring Rita Ora, the hot artist.

So it was only natural that when they inaugurated their new Tezenis shop on Oxford Circus, the singer would come to give a private show. What, you were not invited?! :) We weren’t either but we still got a glimpse of Rita as she stepped out wearing the same apparel she promoted. That is a see thru bra with pasties on her nipples, and a black satin robe cut all the way up her leg. She wore diamond jewelry and a red fur coat that she took off as she sang. Now what would you want more than a hot babe in her undies to give you a private concert?! That is “concert”, you dirty minds! Enjoy!

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