Stella Maxwell See Through Dress To Boobs And Thong In NYC


What do you want to see? Her boobs, nipples? Or maybe her thong! She is exposing everything and you can see all of Stella Maxwell. She’s a Victoria’s Secret model and this set was taken while she was leaving “Up and Down” nightclub in NYC. I have no idea how much fun she had there, but I am pretty sure that all the guys around her had a wonderful time.

How should we call this? See through dress? Fishnets? It’s a mix, probably! A mix to make you wonder what the hell are we doing with girlfriends like ours, when such babes are running around wild and free on this planet. Hmm, it’s not that simple, I guess, since it is not simple to date a sweetheart like Stella Maxwell.

It’s a wonderful day outside, people are happy, these pics are worthy of a fap! Cool things all around us!

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