Taraji P. Henson See Through To Nipples At 23rd Annual SAG Awards In Los Angeles

Congratulations are in order for today’s hottie! Yes, Taraji P. Henson won an award at the 23rd Annual SAG Awards in Los Angeles for her role in Hidden Figures. But you know what is not hidden? Them delicious nipples! No boob figure is safe in the see through dress with no bra on. And her creamy nips are enticing us staying strong and hard for the cameras! I guess they were as excited as we are and luckily, she took home an award. She can easily take me as well…

Such a talented and hot cougar! She is 46 and one of the top 100 influential people in the world according to Time. Well this only makes me glad because if an influencer decides to go bra-free and nipples showing, imagine how will the influencees go?! She is contributing to my dream of a world of free boobies among other things! And just look at her provocative face! Let me congratulate her again in the name of all the people she made happy with this outfit alone!

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