Tove Lo Topless in Fault Magazine – Issue #24

The #24 Issue of Fault Magazine brings a naked Tove Lo, proud and sassy! OK, she is naked in only one pic and topless in most. But we only need a picture of her nips to get an idea on how they look. And her tits look amazing in her 29th year of life! She is one round-up woman! Good looking body, bad ass tattoos, intriguing face, and of course a talented artist! She maybe known back in her home country as the saddest Swedish girl, but I have a feeling the fans love her even more for her raw feelings and the music experience she provides.

I mean you could love a girl like her, on her music, and have the most satisfying cigarette afterwards while questioning the meaning of life. Yes, she sure looks like she could drive one crazy and just to make sure, she combined her name for a suggesting stage name. How many of you thought of “tough love” when you first heard of Tove Lo?! I know now you will immediately think of her cute nips and boobies when you hear or see her name, and that’s even better!

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