Vanessa Hudgens Wearing A Swimsuit By The Pool In Miami

We scoured Miami today and after feasting our eyes on the two models on the beach, we turned to more private pools. And there, Vanessa Hudgens was relaxing and enjoying the sun when some intrusive cameras caught her on tape. But she has nothing to worry about, she looked amazing in the plum purple swimsuit. She paired it with a top hat worthy of Top Cat and a hint of pokies to make things interesting…

Of course the 28 year old has some leaked photos on the internet and that happened a couple of times a few years ago. Some have been removed, some still linger, but it is certain we welcome her titties or anything else she feels like showing! Even though her career didn’t start as a model, she looks so hot and her figure is lean, with great assets to fill up any haute couture garment! We’ll enjoy her for now in the swimsuit and the burning sun, and check back later for anything new from the lovely Vanessa!

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