Ariel Winter Ass In Swimsuit On A Photo Shoot In Los Angeles


Talk about misconceptions, I’ve always envisioned Ariel Winter, the Modern Family star, as the brainy girl she plays in the TV show. Of course, being brainy doesn’t exclude sexy, in fact, smart girls are always hotter! I believe that IQ adds an edge to pretty girls…agreed?!

Now, for Ariel Winter, IT was a perfect time to show her new tattoos, for example that small writing on her right hip. But I understand if you didn’t see it because of all that ass! The 18 year old (yeah, only 18) showed her curves in a thong swimsuit in the photo shoot available in our gallery. It took place at a pool in Los Angeles where she also wore black leather boots, pink fur and some shorts – thong shorts in fact. All her outfits show her booty and ass cheeks and even some cleavage. She has a whole lot of body, and that’s something we can look forward to. If you think about it, she even went breast reduction plastic surgery last year and she still has boobs to delight our eyes with. I encourage her to be proud of her body in many photo shoots from now on and expect she will return soon…

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