Shailene Woodley Cleavage At “Snowden” Premiere In NYC


Shailene Woodley took me by surprise! I mean hey, we’ve seen the Divergent series, but this cleavage is out of that movie! Plump tits, round tits, gorgeous tits, tits that perfectly fill up that cleavage… We should be glad for the girls that grow up, and they grow up to be smoking hot! She attended the “Snowden” movie premiere in New York City in a turquoise dress and a lovely, laid back hairdo.

A cute face and smile, she had a nose ring that makes me wonder, is she such a good girl as she poses? What hides under that fitted dress? I would sure love to see even more cleavage, maybe some nude pics for an environmental cause, you never know how far an activist would go… We support you, Shailene!

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