Chanel West Coast Nipple Slip On A Beach In Miami

Her stage name may combine French fashion symbol, but that doesn’t suffice for a gracious gallery with Chanel West Coast… This only proves how difficult it is to capture the perfect selfie and that the rest of your body may look awkward as you smile to the front camera. The 28 year old was having fun with friends on the beach in Miami and wanted to share her fun stuff with the world. Who could blame her?!

We therefor get to enjoy in all its glory a big boob slip. Her cleavage wasn’t quite right for the camera so she accidentally exposed her right tit with nipple and all. We later enjoy a view of her ass as she undresses in the one piece bikini. The struggle is real, just try taking a selfie in this highly competitive environment…you really have to step up your game! And Chanel does just that for our gallery, she shows us her chest and ass cheeks and if you’ve been fooled by my introduction, check out the pics and you won’t regret it!

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