Christina Milian Deep Cleavage At FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party


Oh, oh! That deep cleavage makes me think of naughty erotic things! And the dress is indeed exquisite! She’s sexy, she has tits, she has a good ass to keep your hands on and she’s an ebony piece of babe! You would look good next to her in a club in Amsterdam, don’t you think?

This gallery was taken at FOX Summer TCA All-Star party, an event where you cannot go. So this gallery will come in handy if you are looking for a closer touch between you and the celebrities that went there. Do you know Christina Milian? I hope you do, because she is a royal flush in the team of hot ebony famous babes. Christina is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Well, let’s be honest, minor acting! Don’t think that she’s Nicole Kidman! If you ask me, smartness and sex-appeal can be a damn lethal cocktail …

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