Gigi Hadid See Through To Boobs At The Fendy Fashion Show In Milan


Whoa, damn girl! The crazy lipstick scared me there for a second, but I’m fine now. I saw some incredible boobies and I regained consciousness :) Gigi Hadid was modelling the Fendy Fashion Show in Milan in see through dress. What am I saying, that’s a sheer dress, as sheer as they can make ’em! We can see thru her boobs and nips, and all the goodies! Unfortunately some pink flowers covered her other interest zone, you what I’m talking about – her pink pussy! Except for that lipstick, she looks delicious fruitylicious, with candy like boobies.

Good genes run in this girl’s family, I mean you remember her sister, Bella Hadid. She also modeled a see thru dress last week and showed her tits. Should we make a competition, which sister has the best looking breasts? Your vote, but at least we should be grateful to all the designers out there who make good use of sheer and see through materials. When are you ladies going to take fashion to the streets?! I’m dying to see all the ladies walking down the street with bouncing breasts and perky nips!

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